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            At the Hoof-to-Hanger Fiber Processing Mill we take pride in producing small-batch, high-quality fiber products ~ yarn, roving, core spun, batts, etc.  We specialize in small order custom processing by individual fleece, by fiber color, and by animal name.  Incoming  orders are limited by fiber quantity (40 pounds), by fiber quality (reasonably clean fiber), and by fiber type (negotiated).  As a boutique mill, we offer personalized service, professional advice, and individual attention to your processing order.  


            At Hoof-to-Hanger every stage of fiber processing is conducted by hand.  We process your fiber with attention to detail.  Your fleeces are not dumped into a large common batch for machine processing.  When your sheep exude lanolin, we are up to our elbows in grease; when your alpaca roll in the dirt, we are covered in dust.  Our intimate relationship with your fiber results in exceptionally high-quality finished fiber products. 


            We include a specific market-value analysis on all finished fiber processing to give you a realistic market value for your fiber products.  These market analyses are based on conservative small-town, small-shop values.  In larger urban areas, larger shops, popular festivals and online, your market values will be higher.


            Appointments required for fiber drop-off at the Hoof-to-Hanger.  For more information and to discuss your fiber processing needs, please contact us at ~ ~ or call ~ 269-465-5936 ~ Rick / Anna

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